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Blue Regiment Marching Band and
Color Guard Forms and Information

Welcome to the Franklin Community High School BLUE REGIMENT Marching Band and Color Guard!
Below is a list of forms and information you will need for the 2022 fall competition season. At this time all dates and times are tentative.


Items indicated *ACTION REQUIRED*  will require some action on your part - a form to sign and turn in, a payment made, etc. Other items are informational. Click on the YELLOW LINK to view each document. Some information will only be available closer to the start of next school year and the fall season.

We know that this is a large amount of information but it is all very important to the success of the BLUE REGIMENT. Thank you!

1.  FALL SEASON OVERVIEW - General overview of important dates and events of the 2022 season

2.  FALL PERFORMANCES & EVENTS - Tentative list of important performances and events

3.  BUDGET INFORMATION - Marching band and color guard budget information

4.  FINANCIAL POLICY - Marching band and color guard financial policy

5.  2022 FINANCIAL COMMITMENT FORM *ACTION REQUIRED* - 2022 financial commitment form

6.  2022 MEMBER FEE LETTER/PAYMENT COUPONS *ACTION REQUIRED* - Information on making member fee payments

7.  GENERAL FEE INFORMATION - Information about the 2022-2023 General Fee. This is separate from the 2022 marching band/color guard member fee

8.  CHARMS HELP SHEET - Information to assist in logging into your student's financial account

9.  ONLINE FEE PAYMENT INFORMATION - How to pay member fees online through PayPal

10.  BAND/GUARD MEMBER HANDBOOK - 2022 Band/Guard Member Handbook

11.  ECA CODE OF CONDUCT - 2021-2022 Franklin Community High School Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Code of Conduct. *THIS WILL BE UPDATED WHEN THE 2022-2023 CODE IS AVAILABLE*

12.  STUDENT & PARENT/GUARDIAN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM *ACTION REQUIRED* - Important agreement form to be signed by both the student and parent/guardian.

13.  HEALTH & PERMISSION FORMS *ACTION REQUIRED* - Health and permission forms for the 2022 fall season. Both forms need to be signed.

14.  PHYSICAL EDUCATION WAIVER INFORMATION - Information on the fall P.E. waiver.

15.  SUMMER SCHOOL CREDIT - Information on the band/guard summer school credit.

16.  SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION - The Franklin Community Schools Band Boosters organization works to financially assist all the instrumental music programs in the Franklin Schools. The sponsorship program is one way they try to help. If you know a business or individual that would be willing to support our program please share this information with them.

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